Sound Machines and Sleep Machines For White Noise

A sound machine produces white noise that helps people sleep better. People who suffer from Tinnitus are mostly the ones who use this machine. If you are still unaware of what white noise is, this article will help you better understand the benefits of white noise, what is Tinnitus and how to treat it using the Marpac SleepMate 980 sound machine.

White noise is correlated to white light. White light reflects all the wavelengths and frequencies in the light spectrum without absorbing any. This is the opposite of black light which absorbs all but reflects none. White noise is like white light in a sense that it absorbs all the sound wavelength and frequency in the sound spectrum. If there is an outside noise, that noise will just join in the white noise making it unrecognizable. For instance, a dog’s bark will just blend in with the white noise and will no longer be recognizable for those trying to sleeping and already sleeping. White noise is very soothing and relaxing to the human ear. That is why people who want to sleep better buy sound machines.

Now, people who have trouble sleeping sometimes has Tinnitus. It is characterized as hearing sounds in the ear but there is no external sound. It is like a ringing in the ear. Tinnitus is not a disorder, people who suffer from this just perceive sounds that causes distress. This can occur in one ear or both ears. Again, it is a ringing noise but for some severe cases, it sounds like buzzing, humming, whistling, ticking, roaring, cricket sounds, beeping, hissing and other small noises. Tinnitus is not a disease, rather it is a symptom of an underlying ear condition like ear infection or wax build-up. Tinnitus can be distressing to someone who is trying to sleep and that is why medical professionals advice the use of a sound machine Best Baby Sound Machine for Sleeping.

Marpac SleepMate 980 has been the best sound machine for those who suffer from Tinnitus and other sleeping problems. The founder of Marpac developed the Sound Screen to help him with his sleeping problems. Since it was very successful, he let his friends and family use. Later, he made it available to the world. Until now, it is the most popular sound machine. The machine is lightweight and very durable. Some users said it last them 25 years. The tone and volume are controlled through a rotating cap. Instantly, the white noise will deal with any unwanted noise and create a relaxing sound. The Marpac Soundmate 980 is dual speed. It is made in a plastic that makes it easy to carry around during travel or any where in the house. It is also said to be very economical. When you purchase this, it also comes with a one-year limited warranty.

You can use this sound machine if you have a newborn baby since this will help you and your baby sleep better. It will also help if you have children and one is sleeping, the other is not. Some users even say that it has saved marriages due to frequent snoring of the husbands. Now, you can try this and see the results for yourself.


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