There’s a couple of things I’ve maintained throughout each Six Pack Program that I’ve attempted, stepping up to the one I permanently stick with currently. One of those things is that I use the same exact powerful protein powder.
There are numerous proteins available which are honestly just buckets of crap. That probably sounds harsh, but when I see new workout individuals buy the “best” protein powder that really does little or nothing but hurt their body, it frustrates me that nobody considers to help them out by preventing them from buying these proteins. It mainly frustrates me that those specific protein brands care about pretty much nothing except making extra cash.
These protein brands do not pay attention to whether you build muscle, lose fat, or even develop a type of cancer from the ingredients. All they care about is making an extra dollar off of individuals that think they are buying the best protein powder, when in reality they are buying nothing additional than an expensive jar of toxins.
Most Protein Powder Will Hurt You:
Most protein powders that publicize themselves are going to hurt you more than help you, but, naturally, the companies that produce these jugs of protein won’t tell you that.
That’s why I wish to guide you beyond these protein brands, and help keep you from hurting yourself while you still can save your money.
Now I will say that most of these protein powders will definitely build muscle in your body and you are going to definitely see results. However, you will find a number of things wrong with these proteins.
Number one, these proteins contain ingredients that will cause internal harm within your body, but you won’t even know it because all you care is that you see muscle building.
Research has shown that most “mass muscle proteins” contain specific ingredients that actually mutate cells in a way that turn them into cancerous cells. This isn’t right to me. Crap proteins which are associated with what I’m referring to shouldn’t even actually be out there for sale, yet individuals buy them everyday without realizing the junk they are injecting their body.
Second, this quick muscle-build might seem rather fast, but it WON’T last long and stay permanent the way normal muscle building should. If you visit a store designed for workouts and muscle building, you should see a shelf of incredibly expensive protein jars or buckets. These monsters contain large amounts of protein and usually their price is what draws countless individuals in.
I need to warn you immediately, never go for a protein just considering its size and price. You would think a higher price would mean higher-quality in protein, but that’s the exact marketing method these protein brands use to take absolute full advantage of you. They have an insane price that’s presumed to offer you the impression that those jars of protein are high-quality, when in actuality they should be $ 5 if price was depended upon quality.
Now you might have used these protein powders and found that you definitely build muscle fast, so why would I belittle these proteins then? Well if you’re to stop taking that protein for a day or two, you’d notice that entire “muscle” you thought you gained, would just reduce almost right away.
The reason for this is that those protein powders don’t address the problem of permanent muscle development, but rather build quick, fake muscle. Don’t fall for these kinds of proteins but rather look into proteins that build permanent muscle the natural way.
Lastly, some ingredients found in these “optimal muscle” proteins actually can begin to develop types of tumors and cancerous cells within your body.
That probably sounds completely absurd, but there has been research that links some forms of cancer with certain proteins you would find on the market today. Why these proteins haven’t been taken off the market makes no sense to me, but I’m here so you can avoid these evil proteins and protect yourself.
Now with those three things in mind, you’re probably thinking what you can possibly do since most proteins on the market will actually hurt you more than help you.
There is one solution, you can look for and research for an all-natural protein made from the most healthy ingredients that promote completely natural, fast-acting muscle building.
You want protein that builds muscle and destroys fat along with its ability to provide energy for workouts.
How You Should Use The Perfect Protein:
With your perfect protein, you should make a protein shake before your workouts to prevent your body from experiencing muscle fatigue, injuries, and soreness throughout your workout. This will allow your body to have increased energy levels during any workout you perform. This isn’t just based off research, but from personal experience.
Also take the same protein shake after you workout to rebuild what muscle and energy you lost during your workout. You should feel full from your protein shake after your workouts, but it should be a good kind of “full.” Your protein should make you feel confident about the protein you placed in your body and should feel your muscles’ natural growth. It’s really a great feeling if you get the perfect protein.
Your specific protein should also utilize the power of lean muscle build after each workout to build muscle naturally, and the right way. I use a certain protein everyday to maximize my results with my Ultimate Six Pack Abdominals Program, because it does three things for me, personally.
It gives me energy for my workouts, increases my lean muscle mass, and naturally destroys abdominal fat with its powerful ingredients. It’s like taking a three-in-one ultimate protein shake that builds muscle while destroying fat. Now this is just for me, but you can find a protein powder that can do the exact same thing for you if you research right.
Again, I can’t explain the feeling, but you’ll just have to research your own specific protein so you can receive awesome results too.
What You Should Look For In Protein:
-Utilizes the power of vegetable protein, which is the best kind of protein
-Is 100% all-natural with hints of vegetables amongst the ingredients
-Uses healthy antioxidants to promote health and muscle development
-Builds naturally increased, lean muscle mass with powerful amino acids
-No kind of “added junk” but is completely healthy
-Contains some hint of pea protein to support your urinary system
-For any individuals with allergies: should contain no allergens, dairy lactose, and even gluten.
-Has specialized enzymes to break down proteins easier so muscles absorb the protein better. This results in increased muscle development
As you can see, there are numerous benefits to finding the absolute best protein to fit your personal body type and lifestyle. Your protein should be incredible and almost absolutely “necessary” for any Fitness Program. Your protein should have every kind of health benefit for your body because I can say from personal experience, that my protein powder builds permanent muscle fast for me. Don’t just settle, get better, faster results by researching for the absolute best protein powder for you.