Piezoresistive Pressure Gauge

The arrangement is as follows:

The sensing element is rectangular filament made as a wafer from silicon or geranium crystals. To these crystals, boron is extra to get some preferred qualities and this process is termed doping and the crystals are referred to as doped crystals. This sensing component is connected to a plastics or stainless metal backing. Leads created of gold are drawn out from the sensing factor for electrically connecting the gauge to a measuring instrument (wheat stone bridge).

There are two kinds of sensing aspect particularly:
* Destructive or n-style (resistance minimize with respect to tensile pressure).
* Good or P-type (resistance improve with respect to tensile strain).


With the aid of an adhesive content, the strain Gauge is pasted or bonded on the framework less than research. Now the construction is subjected to a drive (tensile or compressive). Owing to the pressure, the construction will alter the dimension. As the strain Gauge is bonded to the construction, the stain Gauge will also undergo alter in the two in length and cross-portion (that is, it strained).
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When the sensing factor (crystal) of the semiconductor Gauge is strained, it can be resistivity adjustments contributing to a change in the resistance of the strain Gauge. The transform in the resistance of the pressure Gauge is calculated utilizing a wheat stone bridge. This modify in resistance of the strain Gauge will become a evaluate of the extent to which the structure is strained and a evaluate of the applied force when calibrated.


* These Gauges have significant Gauge factor and for this reason they can measure pretty compact strains.
* They can be created to pretty compact sizes.
* They have an accuracy of two.3%
* They have excellent hysteresis characteristics.
* They have a great frequency of response.
* They have excellent fatigue everyday living.

Limitation of semi-conductor

* These gauges are brittle and that’s why they are unable to be made use of for measuring massive strain.
* The gauge component is not consistent.
* These gauges have weak linearity.
* These gauges are very high priced and are hard to be bonded on to the composition beneath study.
* These gauges are sensitive to adjust in temperature.