What Are Some Good Low Carb Beverages, Low Calorie Drinks, and Healthy Energy Drinks

In the past five years, there have been two major moves in America: Weight loss and energy drinks. Unfortunately, in the past, these two categories were never able to fit together as the energy drinks contain too much carbs, sugar, and other unhealthy products. If you are trying to lose weight, but still need that extra boost combined with a good taste, then you are going to really like the article.

When losing weight you’ve got to be very conscious of what you put into your body. Excess carbs, sugars, and caffeine will keep you from obtaining your goals. This seems like an obvious statement, but how many times have you seen someone in the gym with brand X energy just packed with sugar and carbs? I know, it’s crazy. I guess people’s thoughts are they will burn more with the extra boost than what the drink puts in them. Seems to be a little counter active to me. Now, it’s possible to have the extra boost and not have to worry about all the extra junk going into your body, and to top it off, the drinks actually taste good! Imagine, no more battery acid taste resonating in your mouth through your work out and daily life!

The company that is spear-heading the way to a healthy alternative for energy drinks and sports drinks is XS. You may have heard of them. They have out sold Red Bull online in North America the past several years. XS boasts more than 12 different flavors and types of energy drinks ranging from cola/root beer flavors to tropical/fruity flavors. The best part of the drinks is they all have zero (0) sugar, low calories and very low carbs! This means that diabetics can also drink these and not kill over on the spot! All the energy that your body gets comes from its blend of B vitamins and other energy related vitamins. The B-12 in this one can has 12,900% stomping all other competition. All the vitamins are natural so there are no side effects at all, and is impossible to over dose on. Your body will take what it needs and secrete the rest of it out through your urine. You are allowed to drink as many as you want and not have to worry about a trip to the hospital. If you adored this article and you would such as to obtain additional info pertaining to Bang Energy Drink Flavors kindly check out our own webpage.

XS comes by the case (12 in each case), and is in standard sized energy drink cans. The product is backed by a 90 day guarantee. This means that you can get your case in, try one, absolutely hate it, ship it back using the pre-paid label it comes with, and get your full refund- no questions asked, as long as it is done within 90 days. This is done simply because customers love the product and hardly ever ship it back.

If you are looking to lose weight this New Year, but suffer from the lack of energy that most people feel, XS will be your friend. I challenge you to try XS out and see if I am lying. In the worst case scenario, you get a case in, drink one or two, hate them, ship them back and get your full refund in 7-10 days. My personal recommendation is to go for the tropical if you like fruity flavors (I don’t like lemon- it’s got a lot of kick) or the root beer if you like pop and are suffering from not drinking it.

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