Google Places 2011 – Eight Forecasts For the Very Unpredictable Local Internet search engine Leader

The Google Alert is going crazy underneath the keyword I most care about: Search engines Places.
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There’s been another spotting associated with possible new design changes becoming tested or previewed in Podunk Iowa. The pundits are writing in their blogs and Twitter. The SEM experts are quaking within their boots. What will this next change do to or for their clients.

Tags, Preview, Instant, Boost, no more seven pack, integration of regular lookup and Google Places, new rules, new rules thrown out with previous rules back in force. And with each change the algo goes crazy. Businesses that had enjoyed great rank can’t be found. Companies who have not even claimed their listings are number one. One thing for sure, the adjustments won’t stop because we put up up a new calendar. What may Google do in 2011? Here are our top eight predictions for changes in Google Places next year.

1 . Google Places will not only continue to dominate as the most critical advertising engine on or even off the web in 2011, but it can actually grow in influence to the stage that Uncle Sam will take a look at whether this is monopolistic or not. The government may already be considering the issue, but in last year there will be at minimum rumblings plus rumors of intervention.

2 . Search engines knows full well that this could be the case, and will start taking more procedure for avoid government action. This year it appears clear that their decision to exhibit third party reviews (like Yelp, Bing, and City Search) above testimonials created by Google Account holders would seem to validate their wide open eyes about monopoly complaints. One such step for being to change the algorithm to give additional local search engines and directories increased visibility under local SMB classes.

3. Google will crack lower hard on violations of their Search engines Places Rules. In particular the key word stuffing of the company name and fake locations.

4. Reviews may dominate the ranking battle on Google Places. As usual it will be impossible or nearly so to determine how Google will be scoring this game. But their statement that they will potentially pick up reviews through any source that properly represents up those reviews will result in a number of review sites hoping to get scraped.

5. There will be more huge adjustments in Google Places structure, content, design, and rule book in 2011. I threw this prediction in to ensure that I can be assured of getting one of these right.

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